GamEscape is a real - live room escape game in Liverpool. An interactive logical game which is great fun and a fantastic experience for groups, families, students, friends and corporate teams. A team consisting of 2-5 people is “locked-up” in a themed room. The goal is simple, find the way out in less than 60 minutes from our rooms.


A fantastic team-building, social and family event, where the outcome of the game is only up to you.


To get out, you need to solve logical problems, a variety of puzzles, find locks, clues & codes. To complete the tasks in the time limit you’ll need to work as a team and use logical thinking, to get you closer, step by step, to the final solution and through the door. The countdown begins when you enter the game and the door is locked. Your biggest enemy will be...............TIME.


Spend a memorable hour with your friends, colleagues or family. 60 minute limit to escape from our mysterious rooms, otherwise the room will hold you captive forever...


Can you beat the time?!




Scientists have discovered a massive asteroid that is on course to hit the Earth. If it strikes will destroy a whole continent or potentially wipe out life on the planet. Only a few people have access into the abandoned military bunker to activate a secret weapon capable to save the human race and the planet.

You only have 60 minutes left to find out how to destroy the asteroid, before it's too late.



You have been transported back over 300 years, where a mystical wizard has locked you in a mysterious, magical room. You have 60 minutes to escape the Wizards clutches and come back to the present day.

Use the clues, solve the puzzles & identify the way to escape or get stuck in a world where you don't belong.



You have been locked up for a crime you did not commit! You are in lockdown, where many prisoners of the inescapable prison have tried, and ultimately FAILED to escape, there is a rumour that one inmate has successfully escaped.

They left many clues, use the clues, solve the puzzles and become the first (officially) to escape before the warden comes back and shuts you in FOREVER.

You have 1 hour!