Start up your own escape room anywhere in the world. We will help you every step of the way by adapting each room to the space available. This unique concept is now available for entrepreneurs worldwide in different forms of collaboration (franchise, room set-ups or consulting). We can also provide a consultation to help you to become successful with a personal marketing plan.


Any querries about this, send us an email at



You will profit from the franchise GamEscape's experience and reputation and use our brand name, logo, escape game design website and many more things. This will enormously speed up the whole procedure to become a successful escape game owner. Furthermore, we will assist you in installing the live escape games and will give you hands-on training on how to run the daily escape room business.


All our rooms can be adapted to fit your own space, all you have to do is send us your floor plan and we will design the games for you. We send the game map, game flow, all instructions what you need for installation and a list about items what you need.


We send experienced members of staff to your location to assist you in setting up your first ever escape room. They will help you set up the room and answer any of the questions that you will have, plus training your game masters.


Include everything from "On site assistance" plus we send a member of staff to install items for the room.


We will show you how to make your success in the escape game industry. We can create a personal promotional marketing and social media marketing plan for your business along with help and advice on each step in opening an escape game.


GamEscape is one of the most popular escape game in Liverpool. We had more than 10000 players in our first year. We can offer you unique games, which means more than open padlocks, locks, doors. Our players need to use their brains/skills, that's why they prefer the GamEscape's experience.