What is GamEscape?

GamEscape is a real - live room escape game in Liverpool. An interactive logical game which is great fun and a fantastic experience for groups, families, students, friends and corporate teams. A team consisting of 2-5 people is “locked-up” in a themed room. The goal is simple, find the way out in less than 60 minutes from our rooms.
A fantastic team-building, social and family event, where the outcome of the game is only up to you.
To get out, you need to solve logical problems, a variety of puzzles, find locks, clues & codes. To complete the tasks in the time limit you’ll need to work as a team and use logical thinking, to get you closer, step by step, to the final solution and through the door.
The countdown begins when you enter the game and the door is locked. Your biggest enemy will be...............TIME.
Spend a memorable hour with your friends, colleagues or family. 60 minute limit to escape from our mysterious rooms, otherwise the room will hold you captive forever...

Can you beat the time?!

What should I do?

You can book online by clicking HERE. Follow the booking instructions, select your mission and a suitable date and time for your team and fill the contact details. Afterwards, the only thing you should do is to visit us and enjoy your unforgetable one hour experience.

How the booking system works?

Online reservation is necessary before the game. You can reserve your appointment by clicking HERE. Selet your themed room where you want to play. Next step is select a suitable appointment for your team and choose the team sizes (2-5 players). The price will be calculated automatically. The next step is to fill the contact details (please give us real details as you will receive confirmation e-mail. See our Privacy Policy for more details). When you are ready click the "BOOK NOW" button and you will be redirected to the paypal website. Once the payment has been received you will receive confirmation e-mail with all details and your place will be booked.

Can I change the date or time of the game after I booked it in the system?

There is a possibility to change your booking details. Get in touch with us via our CONTACT page!
If you would like to change your booking date or time, you must inform us at least 3 days before your booking date.
Please include in your email details about which appointment you would like to cancel and which would be a new suitable appointment (available times only). However, what we cannot accept: if someone pays for the game in advance, but doesn’t attend the appointment and asks for a new appointment.

Can i cancel my reservations?

If you cancel your confirmed booking, you have to notify us. No refunds will be given for bookings that are cancelled.

Is this game suitable for under 18's?

We welcome everyone at GamEscape. There is no scary or adult content in the rooms.

Can kids play the game?

Yes, children over 10 years can already enjoy our game, however adult supervision is required below the age 15.

What is the recommended clothing for the game?

There are no special requirements! Dress to feel comfortable. Forget the high heels, suits, ties for this 60 minutes!

Can I give the gamEscape experience as a gift?

Vouchers can be purchased with open date possibility. Click on the Gift Voucher menu!

How many players per team?

2-5 players can be allowed per game.

What if we fail to get out?

Dont worry, You won't get stuck in our rooms, if you fail, we will open the door and set you free (Or in cases of emergency).

How can I get there?

Gamescape is located on the corner of Upper Frederick street and Hardy street, just 10 minute walk from Liverpool One

Liverpool One bus station is around 10 minute walk, but bus numbers 26,27,103,130,X1,82, X22 will drop you off nearby

The nearest train stop is Liverpool Central which is 15 minute walk from GamEscape

There is only residental parking on the street, but you can find a public car park (St.James street) just around the corner, which is £3.50 per visit

Plan your journey with Google Maps

Can I pay with credit/debit card at the venue?

We cannot currently accept credit/debit card payments at the venue, we can only accept cash payments at the venue.

What time should i arrive?

We kindly ask all players to arrive 10 minutes before the given appointment.
We advise you not to be late, the 'countdown' has to start on time.

What happens if I arrive late?

We ask and advise that you DO NOT turn up late! If any member of the team arrives late, we will not be able to permit her/him to join the game once it has started and the door is locked.
Please make it a priority to be at the location 10 minutes prior to your game time.
We cannot give out refunds for being late.