Can you get out in 60 minutes?!

Logical problems, locks, puzzles, keys, codes, clues

Fantastic team-building, social and family event

Based in Liverpool


Ideal for corporate team building days, help get your employees working together and help them forge good team spirit and team bonding. The game can be a key to ease the stress of the workdays and help towards a harmonious work place.


Bring your friends and family for this new type of entertainment. Family days out, to get your family and friends interacting in a fun, family friendly & different environment. Play together with your kids, or against your friends. A truly unforgettable experience.


Fed up with boring maths and physics exercises? GamEscape is the best choice for students, where they can utilize their knowledge in real life. Improve problem-solving abilities and learn to use logical thinking.


Online escape games are already not enough for you? Would you like to try them in real-life? GamEscape is the perfect choice for you to try your experience offline.